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day in the gym Date: Aug 5th @ 3:25pm EDT
week pass was I ending to my routine in the gym sessions already were nearly 9 o'clock and it was already very only gym. finished doing my things and went to the showers, when I saw a super cute guy that I was that since entering the gym not to if not look at me, well anyway he also was in the shower and we are alone then the looked at me much and I asked. the told me that I so cute and single and I said the same thing then the I invite you to us ducharamos together and I said that I was not worth then the I hold wing force and I got to shower. It was so much the desire to both that we finished besandonos, the I I grabbed my Dick and suck it for me until I also grasp you his cock. We masturbate until the swallows all my cum was super exciting because a we the and I gym that we already were the last. the told me that you happy I had and that I wanted to go more often to the gym and I only return me to my house.
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